Meet the Team

Localmind is currently Lenny Rachitsky, Beau Haugh, Nelson Gauthier, and Nick Adams. We kicked off this party in Montreal, Canada at an awesome startup accelerator called Year One Labs. With a fresh round of capital from a great team of investors, we have moved our HQ to San Francisco and are hiring an elite squad of coworkers.

We are building a real-time, location-based Q&A platform that sits on top of existing check-in services. We give users the power to remotely see through other people's eyes, hear through their ears, touch through their fingers. Localmind is the power of omniscience — the ability to know what's happening anywhere in the world, right now. The future really is coming fast, and we are building it.

Localmind Team

Lenny headshot

Lenny Rachitsky

Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, blogger, and kind of a big deal

Beau headshot

Beau Haugh

Web and mobile software handyman; beverage enthusiast

Nelson headshot

Nelson Gauthier

Secret Weapon
Code poet, reverse engineer, musician

Potsie headshot

Potsie Rivera

Lead Designer
Creative Sparkle

Nick headshot

Nick Adams

Android Engineer, Intern
Android guy, future entrepreneur

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