Frequently Asked Questions

What is Localmind?

Localmind is a new online service that gives you the ability to know what's happening anywhere in the world, right now.

How does Localmind work?

Localmind gives you the ability to send any question you want to someone that is at a location you are interested in. That person (who is either a Localmind user or one of your Foursquare friends) receives the question to their phone and responds, in real-time.

Is Localmind magical?

Pretty much.

How do users become available to answer a question?

When you check-in with your favorite check-in service (such as Foursquare, Gowalla, or Facebook Places) you become available to be sent a question about that location. If a fellow user has a question about that location, you receive a notification and can respond in real-time.

What is this message I got that you "swept under the rug"?

This simply means that we were not expecting a message from you, so we were unsure what to do with your SMS. This generally means that you replied to a question after it was already too late.

I received a question but I never signed up. Whats up?

One of your Foursquare friends, who is a member, sent you the question based on a recent check-in of yours. Only your Foursquare friends are able to send you questions. If you'd like to opt-out, or get more details, please contact us.

I just got notified that I'm a "Localmind Recruit" or a "Localmind Hotshot", what does that mean?

This means that we've finally realized how awesome you are. We have leveled you up in Localmind expertise at a particular venue as a result of your helpfulness to the Localmind community and your expertise at that venue. Each time you answer a question, or check-in, or do anything to contribute value to the Localmind community, you earn karma points. Once you reach enough karma points at a specific venue, you level up at venues, showing the world how amazing you truly are. The Localmind levels are:

Localmind Recruit (Level 1) - 25 karma points
Localmind Expert (Level 2) - 50 karma points
Localmind Champion (Level 3) - 100 karma points
Localmind Legend (Level 4) - 200 karma points

How do I earn karma points?

You earn 5 karma points for checking-in into a venue, and 10 karma points for answering a question at a venue. We are also tracking how many of your answers are considered "helpful", and how quickly you are able to answer questions. Over time we will add other ways to earn karma and proclaim your expertise at your favorite places.

What if I don't want to be an expert for a venue?

Simply log in, click on the "karma" tab, find the venue you'd like to opt-out of, and click the "Opt-Out" button.

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